Authentic Ethnic Menu
Our owner and cook, Kirpa Tamang, is Nepalese and has been in United States since 1988. He earned a living in Nepal as head cook for one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious trekking agencies. Two decades of experience as a professional outdoor chef give Kirpa calm and presence under big-event pressure, even with the most demanding, up-scale clientele. Our festival food is created from family recipes, cooked in traditional and healthy style.

Professional Presentation
We do our best to make sure that our booth, signage and food and are all presented in a way that will make you look good. We know you’ve worked hard to make an event that draws a regional audience and we’ll supports efforts for a quality presentation by making sure our booth is artistic, original and super-clean. Our staff are festival-experienced and proud to be a part of the Café team. They enjoy bringing the Nepali-style hospitality to arts events in the Pacific Northwest.

We Play by the Rules!
You’ll find that we are a low-maintenance crew. We obey loading-and unloading rules, parking laws and we report our income honestly. Why? Because we know that long-term business relationships benefit us all. We’re working hard to build an outstanding reputation in the local arts/food arena and we know that the ability to professionally collaborate is not only smart, it’s more profitable in the long run.

Food is Business, But Not Our Only Business
We know food. We’ve been a permanent vendor at Portland Saturday Market since 1995 and have worked the Eugene Celebration, Oregon County Fair, Albany River Rhythms Festival, the World Art Beat, Art in the pearl,Portland Sunday parkway, and many, many more. We cater small parties (at the insistent request of our most faithful Portland customers) and manufacture Siddhartha’s Himalayan Tea™. We have professional licenses, permits, a restaurant-quality commissary and extensive insurance coverage. But food’s not our only business. Our other business is FUN! Our approach is to work hard, be collaborative and make people happy. Our hiring polices are non-discriminatory and we treat our customers like the friends we hope they’ll come to be.

Thank you for considering our food at Saturday Market or where ever we are vending....

Kathmandu Cafe
Naito Parkway Front Ave
Portland Saturday Market
Tel. 503 957 8074